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Implementing basic Feature Flags

Recently I've been working on a new feature for Locative that I wanted to lock down, so I can thoroughly test it. Once ready to release I just wanted to flip a toggle. I've achieved this by declaring a simple `enum` that'll be queried in places where the feature might be required.

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Wrapping up the iOS Keychain

Using the keychain on iOS, when talking to fellow developers, always seems to be a tedious thing. If you're not familiar with those APIs it might seem complex and opaque. But it really isn't, let me show you in a very short example how you can leverage the iOS keychain. Tailored to your needs with just a few lines of code and without any third party dependencies.

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Writing clean UITableViewController code

When dealing with UITableViews there's often the challenge of handling different types of UITableViewCells while still keeping your code D.R.Y and readable. I want to show you a simple way to keep your UITableViewDataSource and -Delegate clean and still be able to alter different numbers and types of cells in your UITableView in an elegant way.

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